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XL EXTRALIGHT® is pleased to announce the exclusive launch of the IONI MASK in partnership with the Italian designer Alessandro Zambelli

A new mask, easily sanitized, that guarantees bacterial filtration with practically infinite self-regeneration, making it a sustainable product that can be reused over time.

XL EXTRALIGHT®, an Italian Finproject Group brand, decided, together with Alessandro Zambelli Design Studio, to sign an agreement for the development, production and marketing of the IONI MASK.

 IONI MASK represents an innovation and a clear technological breakthrough in the mask market: it is the fruit of the partnership between the ingredient brand XL EXTRALIGHT® and the designer Alessandro Zambelli, owner of the FAg+ filter patent, which brings us a designer mask that takes its shape from careful studies focusing on ergonomics and fit.

The IONI MASK is constructed from a shell, that comes into contact with the face, made from XL EXTRALIGHT®, an ultralight, closed-cell bacteriostatic material, free from latex, nickel, phthalates and heavy metals.

The core element of this product is the filter using innovative FAg+ technology, which guarantees bacterial filtration, upon both inhalation and exhalation, thanks to its silver ion treatment, with a vital self-regenerating function that never needs replacing.

The IONI MASK is not a medical device or PPE, and nor does it replace them. It is a freely sold face mask, manufactured in accordance with Italian Decree Law no. 18 of 17 March 2020, intended for generic use and constituting an environment-friendly solution which is easily sanitised and can therefore be reused over time. The filter must be washed only with running water. The shell can be washed with alcohol-based solutions or water and neutral soaps.

 The IONI MASK encompasses three elements: protection, prevention and sustainability, combining the characteristics of the innovative materials inserted within it.

The mask has also obtained bacterial filtration efficiency of over 95%, proven by the Micro-B chemical and microbiological analysis laboratory, accredited by Accredia.

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