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Finproject ISCC Plus certified products

Finproject is glad to announce that has recently obtained ISCC PLUS certification at its industrial sites in the Marche and Abruzzo regions for its Bio, Bio-circular and Circular Compounds and Bio, Bio-circular and Circular Plastic Products, produced using sustainable raw materials.

This achievement is an important step towards the goal of offering the market decarbonised and circular products. The availability of sustainable products comes following Finproject’s integration with Versalis (Eni), which in turn has ISCC PLUS certified plants in France (Dunkirk) and Germany (Oberhausen) from which Finproject is supplied with its raw material.

ISCC PLUS is part of the ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) scheme. This voluntary scheme allows companies along the supply chain to monitor and demonstrate the sustainability of their products through the verification of sustainability, traceability and mass balance requirements.

In 2022, Finproject will extend ISCC PLUS certification to its Italian Padanaplast site and plants overseas, demonstrating the strength of its circular economy strategy, focused on an increasing use of sustainable raw materials.