Over 50 years of innovation

Finproject began life in 1965 in Italy in the Marche Region as V.b.p., the initials of the three founding partners led by Euro Vecchiola, the current President of the Group.

A small company working in the footwear sector and specialising in what was then still the largely artisanal production of leather heels and insoles, V.b.p. revolutionised the market by introducing two major innovations, one-piece soles made from PVC-injected leather (George) and from TR thermoplastic rubber.

A successful Industrial model

After ten years in business, V.b.p. had become one of Europe’s most important producers of soles, manufacturing and selling 2,500,000 pairs annually, and was already exporting its skills to over twenty countries.

The business grew rapidly, laying the foundations for the industrial model developed by Finproject: significant production specialisation in each factory, major ongoing investments in resources, competences, research and technology, and a desire for innovation and market expansion.

New Factories

In the decade from 1970 to 1980, new production facilities were opened in Montecosaro, Ancarano, Morrovalle and Ascoli Piceno, and new companies were set up to manage the various lines of business.

The Value of Lightness

New materials and applications introduced from 1980 onwards drove the Morrovalle-based group to a position of market leadership among foam manufacturers, breaking into new sectors and opening up international markets with products ranging from AIR WEIGHT® (patented in 1982), and AIRGUM® to the ultra lightweight XL EXTRALIGHT®, an exceptionally innovative closed cell foam that diversified production.

Finproject S.p.A.

In 1989, Euro Vecchiola decided to consolidate the group’s industrial activities by transferring them to parent company Finproject S.p.A., which obtained international quality certification to ISO 9002 and ISO 9001 standards, in 1994 and 1997 respectively, representing a first in Europe for a foam products company working in this sector.

Finproject Worldwide

The first opportunity for Finproject Industries to enter the international marketplace came in 1996, the year the joint venture with Evasol was sealed and given the name Finproject N.A. The Canadian branch was behind some major market success stories, including the world famous coloured clog we all recognise. Impressive growth in North America encouraged the company to set up production sites in Mexico, Romania, China and India too, countries to which Finproject has brought quality, service and industrial know-how.

50 Years in Business

In 2015, Finproject group, with headquarters in Morrovalle in Italy’s Marche region where the company started out in life, celebrated 50 years in business, confirming its position as a leading international producer and vendor of PVC Compound, Polymer Alloys and polyolefin-based compound and of soles and lightweight articles for top brands in the footwear and other industrial sectors.