The mission of Finproject group is, as it has been from the outset, the ongoing quest for materials and products with innovative technical, utility and design features, in close collaboration with its customers and partners, in order to deliver the highest possible level of quality in terms of the performance, safety and usability of products and their infinite applications in industry, underpinned as always by the extralight revolution that originated with Finproject.


With this basic goal, the roadmap drawn up by management has a strong focus on strengthening the position of the XL EXTRALIGHT® ingredient brand and on continuing the policy of diversification in export markets worldwide with new commodity support production platforms.

Constant research of innovative materials,
for sustainable projects,
with an high aesthetic 
design and high technologies in theirself.


Finproject also subscribes to the Responsible Care programme through its Compounds division and to the Compound Group with its “Green Compound” brand, as ways of supporting and complying with environmental sustainability policies. This is a commitment that Finproject continues to pursue, not least through the in-house development of eco sustainable systems for the recovery and reuse of industrial products and waste, as well as through the introduction of photovoltaic power systems in its factories.