The Compounds Division produces rigid and plasticised PVC compounds, polymer alloys and special polyolefins, including innovative Levirex® branded compounds based on expansible and cross-linking polyolefins for use with injection-moulding technology.

The exclusive compounds in the broad and highly innovative range on offer are used in numerous applications, in multiple industrial sectors and in a variety of production processes (extrusion, die-moulding, injection-moulding). Their properties make them ideal for use in the production of highly specialised technical products in the electrical, electronic, building and safety sectors.

Research in the fields of chemicals and technology, combined with the continuous innovation of plants and materials, guarantee the highest levels of quality, service and efficiency across the entire Compounds Division and all industrial solutions proposed. The production area covers over 20,000 m2, with fully automated and tailor made storage, dosing, moulding, logistics and customer delivery processes.

Quality and Service

Associated through the “Green Compound” brand with the PVC information centre’s Compound Group, Finproject Industries pursue the environmental sustainibility commitment  on a daily basis through an in-house program to develop eco-sustainable machines that recover and reuse industrial products and waste, through the extensive use of photovoltaic power systems in the Group’s factories, through the introduction and observance of strict prevention procedures designed to ensure product and workplace safety, and through continuous research into green compound formulations.

Research, technology and development

Finproject Compounds Division production activities are underpinned by the research and development efforts of a team of highly qualified engineers working in the division’s state-of-the-art laboratories. They represent a unique resource, giving Finproject the industrial capability to satisfy any request from the market in compliance with current legislation.

The great business and industrial strength of Finproject Compounds Division is its ability to identify the chemical composition of the raw materials best suited to market needs and to systematically introduce new products and manufacturing and moulding processes, customised according to the customer and intended use.

The choice of raw materials is the first step in research and production. Strict quality control procedures are applied across all stages of the production process through to the compound/granule and semi-finished product.