Finproject Engineering

The Engineering Division inherited the business activities and experience of the Stamproject mould shop, which was established in the 1980s and specialised in the production of aluminium injection-moulding dies for plastic materials.

Today, the Engineering Division provides Finproject customers with vital die design and assembly know-how, expertise in leading edge technology and the possibility of contacting the company’s highly skilled and trained engineers who are directly responsible for the project.

Further guarantees are provided by the procurement procedures applied to materials, which can be purchased only from qualified, certified suppliers and are then subject to frequent testing throughout the rubber, plaster and aluminium pouring process.

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Technical Office

The technology used in design work involves CAD systems combined with optical scanners to reconstruct 3D models. The system can exchange project files and interact with customers, who can see the progress being made on work in real time and make their own modifications directly.

3D Digitisation

The Engineering division has its own state-of-the-art photogrammetry department, which uses an optical technology scanner for 3D surface digitisation and can acquire an object’s dimensional data without any form of physical contact. The transformation of photographic images into mathematical models and the digitisation of 3D surfaces ensure maximum flexibility and precision in the development of projects of any type.


Moulds are produced using high speed 5-axis milling machines that guarantee high quality, competitive pricing and fast delivery.

Quality and testing

Die assembly is high precision work, performed by specialist personnel following technical standards defined specifically for each project. The process always ends with testing, an area in which Finproject Engineering is highly specialised and already has a comprehensive range of special equipment.