Research: a business value.

A paradigm of enterprise research into innovative product and production process technology, Finproject Industries have been investing resources steadily for over 50 years in training and reskilling, in research and development applied to engineering and technology, and in analytical studies of markets and industrial trends.

In association with the Material ConneXion® e Materiò international research and consulting networks in the field of innovative and sustainable materials, Finproject S.p.A. is committed to innovation and the ongoing improvement of processes and materials as a leading PVC plastic supplier.

As a result of this commitment and their leadership in research, in quality and in the safety and sustainability of materials and production systems, Finproject Industries have obtained the most important international quality certifications.

We all work in the same direction: the quality, safety and sustainability of materials and production systems.

Research and Development

  • Chemical research into compounds and materials – PVC compounds with excellent characteristics;
  • Continuous upgrading and improvement of manufacturing technology to deliver the best possible product quality;
  • Excellent foam molded technology;
  • Custom molded foam creation and injection molded foam;
  • Continuous laboratory testing and the use of state-of-the-art process quality control tools and systems;
  • Total respect for the technical characteristics of each product in the various phases and applications.

Trademarks and Patents

All trademarks and patents owned by Finproject S.p.A. are protected by international registrations. Finproject S.p.A. monitors the market closely as a matter of routine and strictly enforces its trademarks, patents and designs against any infringement, in order to protect its business and its customers, partners and suppliers.