Heart and mind of Finproject Industries

The Moulding Division is the heart and soul of Finproject Industries, where for over 50 years training, expertise, technical development and innovative technology have been combined with ‘Made in Italy’ design, style and creativity, to offer both customers and partners advanced and highly qualified services and products.

Finproject Industries draw on all their know-how and talent to interpret the trends and needs of functional design across a wide range of industrial sectors, not least in footwear and fashion, where the group’s main interests lie.


Light, strong, flexible, comfortable and therefore highly versatile, XL EXTRALIGHT® is one of the most important outcomes of the advanced research performed using a creative approach in Finproject laboratories on materials, production processes and designs. The strengths of XL EXTRALIGHT® lie in its lightness, colour and comfort.

Used on a large scale in the manufacture of items for footwear, for the fashion industry, also in the automotive, fitness, spa and wellness, interior design sectors, and many others besides, XL EXTRALIGHT® stands out for its lightness, colour and comfort.

This material’s closed cell composition means that it is resistant to water, UV radiation and other external agents. XL EXTRALIGHT® is available with special flame-resistant and antibacterial formulations and can also be engineered to meet the specific requirements of particular markets or safety and sustainability regulations.


In 1996, Finproject S.p.A. patented its injection moulding process for soles fashioned from expansible and cross-linking polyolefin-based compounds (XL EXTRALIGHT®), which provides precise control over product dimensions for the first time in the moulding sector.

Research and Innovation

On the strength of its exceptional physical and mechanical properties and countless functional attributes, XL EXTRALIGHT® was selected by the independent bureau Materiò for inclusion as a leading edge discovery in the international register of innovative materials and technologies.

Finproject’s laboratories work constantly to advance research and experimentation on materials. This is their mission in the framework of the Material ConneXion® network, the world’s largest international research and consulting centre with a focus on innovative and sustainable materials.