Finproject is among the top 3 supply chain companies made in Italy

Finproject is among the top 3 supply chain companies made in Italy, according to MF Fashion magazine. The second place is a recognition that is based on tangible data: a 140% increase in revenues by 2022, a solid 26% presence in the Italian market, and of course a vision aimed at sustainability with highly innovative products.

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Finproject is part of the SEAMLESS-PV Project

We are part of the @SEAMLESS-PV project, once again thanks to our Roccabianca plant and its cutting-edge compound. A Horizon Europe project for the development of advanced manufacturing equipment, processes andmultifunctional photovoltaic (PV) solutions, enabling the deployment of integrated photovoltaic (IPV) applications.

A curious gaze at our nearest environment allows identifying endless opportunities in which the implementation of IPV solutions could be addressed, bringing synergies, innovation and added value to important market segments such as infrastructures, transport, agriculture, urban environment, low-power electronic devices, etc.

In this context, SEAMLESS-PV is conceived to answer this challenge by addressing the development of

  • advanced flexible automated photovoltaic equipment manufacturing based on high efficiency c-Si technologies 
  • the upscale of new manufacturing processes presenting key features (e.g. lightness, enhanced integrability) and cost reductions that enable the seamless integration of photovoltaic over final applications
  • the development of a set of IPV products demonstrating cost-competitiveness and compliance with market requirements and expectations.

The project will demonstrate this new manufacturing capacity at pilot level and showcase the opportunity for European IPV manufacturers and endusers to unleash the potential of this sector. 

Learn more on the project site and discover the SEAMLESS-PV demo cases:


About us

Rebranding Finproject

Our company is delighted to share its new brand, which better reflects, in line with Versalis’s (Eni) identity, our strategy as a leading company in the chemical processing and production of ultralight products under the XL EXTRALIGHT® brand.
The Finproject name remains unchanged, conveying our firm sense of belonging and pride, plus the standout features recognised by the market such as innovation, research, versatility, cooperation and passion.
Eni’s iconic six-legged dog symbol takes on new colours, which, for Versalis and thus for Finproject, represent strategy and commitment to sustainability and an increasingly decarbonised product offering.

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Finproject: the plant at Ascoli Piceno obtains the certifications for the environment and health and safety

Finproject is glad to announce that has recently obtained the environmental management (ISO 14001) and health and safety in the workplace (ISO 45001) certifications for the Ascoli Piceno plant.

This achievement is an important first step towards the goal of certifying all its Italian sites according to the two international standards: the ISO 14001 standard sets the requirements of the environmental management system with the aim of providing companies with a certifiable management method for the environment protection and to respond to the mutable environmental, social and economic conditions. The ISO 45001 standard, on the other hand, defines standards for improving safety, reducing risks in the workplace and improving the health and well-being of workers.

Finproject’s goal is to extend to all its Italian plants, within three years, the two ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications to certify the company’s commitment to protecting the environment and increasing safety in the workplace, by implementing a system of constant improvement for corporate sustainability.


Finproject ISCC Plus certified products

Finproject is glad to announce that has recently obtained ISCC PLUS certification at its industrial sites in the Marche and Abruzzo regions for its Bio, Bio-circular and Circular Compounds and Bio, Bio-circular and Circular Plastic Products, produced using sustainable raw materials.

This achievement is an important step towards the goal of offering the market decarbonised and circular products. The availability of sustainable products comes following Finproject’s integration with Versalis (Eni), which in turn has ISCC PLUS certified plants in France (Dunkirk) and Germany (Oberhausen) from which Finproject is supplied with its raw material.

ISCC PLUS is part of the ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) scheme. This voluntary scheme allows companies along the supply chain to monitor and demonstrate the sustainability of their products through the verification of sustainability, traceability and mass balance requirements.

In 2022, Finproject will extend ISCC PLUS certification to its Italian Padanaplast site and plants overseas, demonstrating the strength of its circular economy strategy, focused on an increasing use of sustainable raw materials.

Ranking of the leading companies in the Marche Region. Finproject ranks second in the standings

Few days ago has been presented the XXXV edition “the Ranking of the leading companies in the Marche Regione” of the Aristide Merloni Foundation based on the financial statements by 31.12.2020.

The results achieved by companies in 2020 were conditioned by the restrictions to limit people mobility and  economic activities driven by the need to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

Finproject S.p.A. in any case,  conquers second place in the Macerata area, with approximately 188 million turnover.

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Prima Classifica Imprese dell’era Covid La Lube conquista il vertice in provincia




The transaction was carried out with all Finproject management and employees remaining on board, and will enable Versalis to create a top value supply chain in the market of polymers for special applications


Morrovalle, Macerata 22 September 2021 – Finproject announces that it has started the procedure which will result in the transfer of 100% of its shares to Versalis, Eni’s chemical company.

The Finproject industrial group, based in Marche region, is a leader in the manufacture of thermoplastic cross-linkable compounds and in the moulding of products for the footwear industry as well as products in ultralight material under the XL EXTRALIGHT® brand.

This industrial transaction means so much to us because it represents placing the company firmly within Italy’s industrial history while also decisively investing in the company’s future. When it all began, in 1965, we never could have imagined that we would contribute so significantly to a transformation that has led us to be recognised as a genuine point of excellence within our industry” affirmed Maurizio Vecchiola, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Finproject.

The transaction was carried out with all Finproject management and employees remaining on board, and will enable the company to face increasingly compelling challenges, acquire new skills and become stronger and more international than ever.

The agreement entered into demonstrates that from one hand we can strive to change the dimension of our business while maintaining our steadfast Italian roots; on the other hand, it allows Versalis to add a product range to its portfolio downstream of the supply chain and solutions that will contribute to accelerating the ongoing energy transition, while focusing considerable attention on sustainability. The agreement also offers added value, in light of the current economic situation that Italy is experiencing and the complex global post-Covid scenario.

And that is not all. Our region will be able to benefit from the presence of a solid player that has always worked with the utmost social responsibility for local communities. Maurizio Vecchiola continued: “When we began our discussions with Versalis (Eni), it was clear to us that we were speaking the same language, and that we could count on a strong correspondence between our values – care and attention for people and the community first and foremost – which is also due to the very geographical origin of the founders of the two companies: Marche, our culture and our robust way of doing business in close connection with people and our region”.



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Finproject is pleased to announce that the special SUSTAINABLE+ formulation of its XL EXTRALIGHT® brand has received GRS certification (Licence Number – ICEA – TX – 116) – Global Recycle Standard. This is the standard defined by Textile Exchange.

GRS – Global Recycle Standard identifies products obtained from recycled materials and manufacturing activities, certifying companies’ commitment to respect environmental and social criteria throughout the production chain.

Textile Exchange is a non-profit organisation working internationally to promote and develop responsible sustainability in the textile industry.

Based in the USA, it brings together approximately 300 organisations, including some of the most important retailers and brands, committed to promoting policies and practices of environmental and corporate social responsibility.

XL EXTRALIGHT® strives for innovation while respecting and protecting the environment and moving towards a circular economy model. The entire production cycle is designed and engineered to limit production waste, using clean energy from our photovoltaic systems. Every component of XL EXTRALIGHT® products is analysed and checked according to the highest safety standards. XL EXTRALIGHT® technology is free from harmful solvents, heavy metals and toxic substances.

With the development of Sustainable+, 51% of which derives from a highly engineered process of recovery, recycling and blending of waste and by-products from the group’s plants and that preserves 50% of the mineral resources, Finproject takes its commitment to environmental sustainability and its dedication to recycling to the extreme.


In recent days, Adriano Alfani, CEO of Versalis (Eni), took part in the welcome visit organized in the Finproject Industrial Group Headquarter, in Morrovalle.

The industrial partnership between Finproject and Versalis, Eni’s chemical company, was one of the last transactions announced in the days immediately prior to the lockdown that brought the country to a halt.

The Finproject – Versalis transaction is creating a new industrial competence centre specialising in special plastic materials that will play a leading role in the development of the sector in Italy and globally.

Finproject’s positioning on the market for high added-value applications is integrated with Versalis’s technological and industrial leadership in the chemical industry, creating a significant value chain. Together, they will develop new materials with a sustainability and circularity approach, creating solutions that can bring innovation to countless strategic sectors such as wire and cable, footwear, automotive, design and many other emerging industries. All this while looking to the future with a view to social, environmental and economic growth.

XL EXTRALIGHT® is pleased to announce the exclusive launch of the IONI MASK in partnership with the Italian designer Alessandro Zambelli

A new mask, easily sanitized, that guarantees bacterial filtration with practically infinite self-regeneration, making it a sustainable product that can be reused over time.

XL EXTRALIGHT®, an Italian Finproject Group brand, decided, together with Alessandro Zambelli Design Studio, to sign an agreement for the development, production and marketing of the IONI MASK.

 IONI MASK represents an innovation and a clear technological breakthrough in the mask market: it is the fruit of the partnership between the ingredient brand XL EXTRALIGHT® and the designer Alessandro Zambelli, owner of the FAg+ filter patent, which brings us a designer mask that takes its shape from careful studies focusing on ergonomics and fit.

The IONI MASK is constructed from a shell, that comes into contact with the face, made from XL EXTRALIGHT®, an ultralight, closed-cell bacteriostatic material, free from latex, nickel, phthalates and heavy metals.

The core element of this product is the filter using innovative FAg+ technology, which guarantees bacterial filtration, upon both inhalation and exhalation, thanks to its silver ion treatment, with a vital self-regenerating function that never needs replacing.

The IONI MASK is not a medical device or PPE, and nor does it replace them. It is a freely sold face mask, manufactured in accordance with Italian Decree Law no. 18 of 17 March 2020, intended for generic use and constituting an environment-friendly solution which is easily sanitised and can therefore be reused over time. The filter must be washed only with running water. The shell can be washed with alcohol-based solutions or water and neutral soaps.

 The IONI MASK encompasses three elements: protection, prevention and sustainability, combining the characteristics of the innovative materials inserted within it.

The mask has also obtained bacterial filtration efficiency of over 95%, proven by the Micro-B chemical and microbiological analysis laboratory, accredited by Accredia.

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