Corporate Social Responsibility

Finproject has always been committed to and invested in the protection of health, the environment and local areas where the company has operations, at every level of its organization.

We work in a market

shaped by powerful development forces and delicate environmental balances.

That is why our benchmarks are the needs of our customers and the protection of an environmentally sustainable system.

Responsible Care: Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability

Associated through the “Green Compound” brand with the PVC information centre’s Compound Group, the Finproject Compounds Division also subscribes to Federchimica’s Responsible Care Program, which promotes chemical industry commitment to compliance with and the promotion of health, safety and environmental sustainability policies.

Finproject Industries pursue this goal on a daily basis through an in-house program to develop eco-sustainable machines that recover and reuse industrial products and waste, through the extensive use of photovoltaic power systems in the Group’s factories, through the introduction and observance of strict prevention procedures designed to ensure product and workplace safety, and through continuous research into green compound formulations and manufacturing processes.