We support VinylPlus®’s sustainable programme

Finproject SpA is associated with VinylPlus Italy as part of the VinylPlus voluntary commitment to the sustainable development of the European PVC industry aimed at creating a sustainable economic model in line with the European Union’s environmental policies.
The challenges of VinylPlus have been promoted for more than two decades and are based on multi-stakeholder dialogue: industry, NGOs, legislative advocacy at European level, civil society representatives and PVC users.
In 2021, the association launched the new VinylPlus2030 programme to address global challenges and targets for the sustainable development of the value chain of PVC, the world’s most widely used polymer.
Three ‘Pathways’ have been identified in the VinylPlus2030 programme:
1) Increasing the circularity of the PVC value chain: optimising the management of PVC from its design to ensuring the safe use of recyclate in new, durable, high-performance products.
2) Move towards carbon neutrality and minimise environmental footprint: reduce the impact of climate change through the use of renewable energy and raw materials from the supply chain.
3) Build global alliances and partnerships for the SDGs: ensure transparent reporting, through certified and traceable products, by proactively involving all PVC industry stakeholders and promoting partnerships at local, regional and global level.
The set targets will be subject to mid-term review in 2025 to take into account technological progress and the evolution of socio-economic, regulatory and environmental contexts.
Finproject Spa participates in the ambitious programme as a frontline actor together with resin and additive producers and recyclers from the PVC industry of the 27 European countries plus Switzerland, Norway and the UK.
To further demonstrate the commitment of the PVC industry chain to the targets, VinylPlus has set up the VinylPlus® Product Label certification scheme for product manufacturers and the VinylPlus Supplier Certificate scheme for additive and compound manufacturers, to support customers who choose Product Label certification.
More information can be found on the official VinylPlus website www.vinylplus.eu and the VinylPlus website www.vinylplusitalia.it